If you subscribe to my newsletter (you can sign up for free here), then you know I’m a huge baseball fan, a New York Yankees fan through and through. I mean, I even watched last night’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays even though it meant absolutely nothing for the Yankees as they’ve been eliminated from the playoffs for the first time since 2016. RELATED: The Time I Got a Behind the Scenes Tour of the Baseball Hall of Fame by Ken Burns and Phil Niekro

I had the game on in the background as I was finishing up some work; I love to hear the banter between Yankee announcers Michael Kay and either David Cone or Paul O’Neill. The latter two are former Yankees legends and usually alternate series unless it’s a big game and then they have all three announcers.

All three sound like great guys and are obviously extremely knowledgeable about baseball. However, when it comes to travel, not so much since Coney (his nickname) made a huge rookie mistake.

At 1:40:00 into the game, Michael Kaye tells the audience, “Terrible story, David lost his iPad in the airport.” Turns out Cone lost it earlier that day in LaGuardia Airport on his way to Toronto for the game. Since my wife is from Toronto and I grew up in southern Connecticut, it’s a route we’ve taken dozens of times so we know both airports well.

Coney confirmed the incident and gave more details, “Through screening, I was helping out, being a good Samaritan, just walked right away, left my iPad at screening at LaGuardia Airport today.” When Michael asked how he was going to get some analytics, Cone said, “I got nothing. I’m going old school. I’m just watching the game and calling it as I see it. I got my phone. I can always use my phone.”

Here’s how their conversation or play-by-play went:

Michael Kaye
“Now will you go out tomorrow and buy an iPad.”

David Cone

Michael Kaye
“Well, you’re not getting back the one you lost.”

David Cone
“Probably not.”

Michael Kaye
“Probably?” (chuckles)

David Cone
“It’s at lost and found in LaGuardia Airport.”

Michael Kaye
“Does it have anything identifying that it’s yours?”

David Cone
“No. Other than when the hacker turns it on and hacks all my banking stuff.”

The last line is why I decided to write this post because it’s shocking to me, considering how much David Cone travels, crisscrossing the country for both the YES Network and ESPN for Sunday Night Baseball, that he doesn’t have any identifying information on his iPad.

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The moment I heard this, I replayed the clip so I could transcribe it. Then I asked my wife (who’s also our editor) to listen to the exchange. I said, “I can’t believe my man David Cone would make such a bonehead move.” Natalie looked at me with a blank expression and I shook my head. “Et tu, Brute?” I said. “Please tell me you have your name, number and email address on the back of your computer, iPad and phone?” Natalie slowly shook her head no.

My wife, who has probably traveled more than David Cone, has no excuse. BTW: we met on a press trip and have been to over 65 countries together as a couple. She then asked if I do, and I quickly flipped over my laptop and showed her the business card that’s taped to the back with my email and cell written on it.

The reason the latter is so important is because most people, like David, are good Samaritans. If a passenger or a TSA officer finds it, they will call the number or have you paged. But if there’s no name or number, then there’s nothing they can do but drop it off at Lost and Found. This rookie mistake can make for a long, worrisome and possibly costly flight.

So do yourself a favor right now and put your contact information on your important belongings. It’s very easy to get distracted at security checkpoints and most of the time, travelers are in a hurry to get to their gate, increasing the chances that something accidentally gets left behind. Let’s just hope David had a passcode on his iPad so if it did end up in the hands of a thief, they can’t access his banking information. 

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