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Buying stock is a popular way to earn passive income. Using a top-rated investment newsletter can increase the probability of being a successful investor and improve your portfolio performance. The best investment newsletter depends on your investment strategy, and here are several to choose from with a reputable track record.

best investment newsletter
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The Best Investment Newsletter

Here are some of the best investment newsletters to subscribe to help with your investment strategies.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Long-term investors may find Motley Fool Stock Advisor to be an excellent fit as the newsletter seeks to hold recommendations for three to five years. That’s one of the most prolonged holding periods. Newsletters typically exit positions after several months or just a little bit over a year when the investment thesis plays out, and the remaining upside potential is minimal.

The long holding period also means members won’t utilize stop losses. These are used to minimize investment losses as not every stock pick turns a profit. Receive two new monthly investment ideas each month along with weekly updates of the best stocks to buy, now curated from the open portfolio holdings.

The annual fee is $199 but new subscribers can usually get discounted access for the first 12 months at $99 (and sometimes a little cheaper, depending on the promotion). There is a 30-day risk-free trial period.

The Motley Fool Epic Bundle

Alternatively, consider The Motley Fool Epic Bundle at a discounted rate of $198 for the first year for new members (and then it will renew at the current rate). Members can access four services that provide at least one monthly stock pick.

The subscription includes these services:

  • Motley Fool Stock Advisor: It focuses on growth stocks with two monthly recommendations.
  • Motley Fool Rule Breakers: It recommends up-and-coming stocks that are usually too small to recommend for Motley Fool Stock Advisor as there is more volatility.
  • The Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks: It emphasizes companies with founder-leaders, a healthy company culture, and pricing power.
  • Motley Fool Real Estate Winners: Receive recommendations for actual estate-related companies and REITs that can earn dividend income and have appreciating share prices.

New members pay $198 for the first year and have a 30-day Membership Fee Back Guarantee. The current renewal price is $499 per year, which can still be cheaper than subscribing to each service separately.

I believe The Motley Fool is worth it. To learn more about Motley Fools services click here (free 30 day trial). 

Additionally, this newsletter periodically runs shopping offers with participating Capital One credit cards and American Express credit cards to get bonus cash back when you join.

Buyback Letter

The Buyback Letter maintains six model portfolios with two sector-indexed portfolios (high tech or health & biotech) and three value-index portfolios. This publication looks for companies that actively repurchase shares which can help the share price increase.

Additionally, it analyzes company announcements to help you avoid stocks that announce they will buy back shares but either cancel the buyback campaign or repurchase a reduced amount.

The standard edition is published monthly, costs $195 per year, and has a 30-day risk-free trial.

For experienced investors only, the premium edition features a five-stock portfolio that changes each month with the intention of maximizing gains from market momentum. This feature costs $79 per month and includes a 30-day risk-free trial.

This newsletter is one of a handful of newsletters to be on the Hulbert Honor Roll which tracks the performance of many publications with the most consistent performance in up and down markets.

Oxford Communique

The Oxford Communique is the flagship newsletter for The Oxford Club with a focus on growth stocks. Each monthly issue includes a new monthly pick along with a stop loss to provide downside protection.

Readers can also find investment ideas for several model portfolios with different risk tolerances from conservative (index funds) to aggressive (biotech stocks). Having access to different portfolios makes it easier to build a diversified portfolio with a single product instead of having multiple subscriptions.

The annual fee is $249, but you can poke around the internet and find annual subscriptions as low as $49. Subscribers can also enjoy a 365-day satisfaction guarantee, which is very generous.

Oxford Income Letter

Dividend investors can also find attractive income-producing stocks with sustainable above-average yields. These monthly recommendations can also have growth potential allowing you to profit from appreciating share price values with the Oxford Income Letter.

The newsletter editor maintains four portfolios with different objectives and risk tolerances—Instant Income, Compound Income, High Yield Portfolio, and Fixed Income Portfolio.

You may like this newsletter if you prefer earning consistent income. This strategy may not be as exciting as chasing growth stocks, but it’s a time-tested strategy with proper position sizing.

The annual subscription cost is as low as $49 with a 365-day money-back guarantee, which is a fair price for one of the best investment newsletter options.

Sure Dividend

Sure Dividend offers several research publications that can help dividend-focused investors get ideas for a specific sector or investing theme.

Two entry-level services cost $79 each and provide a Top 10 list for dividends stocks with 25+ years of rising yields or REITs. You may like this second option if you’re a real estate investor.

Mid-level monthly newsletters provide an in-depth analysis of 10 investment ideas for a specific asset class. Here is the newsletter to try based on your desired investment type:

  • Dividend growth stocks: Sure Dividend Newsletter
  • Securities with 4% yields or higher (REITs, MLPs, stocks): Sure Retirement Newsletter
  • “Buy and hold forever” dividend stocks: Sure Passive Income Newsletter

Each newsletter costs $199 per year and has a 7-day free trial before your rewards credit card is charged.

There is also a premium Sure Analysis Research Database that serious dividend investors can benefit from greatly to make the research process easier. This service costs $999 annually and also includes a 7-day free trial.

Investor Advisory Service

In publication since 1973, Investor Advisory Service provides up to three stock recommendations per month. The newsletter practices a buy-and-hold approach that has helped this newsletter rank on the prestigious Hulbert Newsletter Honor Roll as it has consistently outperformed the Wilshire 5000 since 2000.

An annual online subscription costs $215 per year for new subscribers. You can lock in this discounted rate for up to three years. The ongoing price is $299 per year, which is a tad pricier than most products. You can also request a free sample issue. A 30-day refund period also applies.

Moneyflow Trader

Established investors can benefit from Moneyflow Trader which provides the opportunity to make investment income from stock market volatility.

Most stock newsletters focus on long-term investing ideas as they are easier for individual investors to open a position with an online brokerage. Additionally, they tend to be less risky and require less portfolio maintenance.

Instead, this is a short-term trading service that uses options and shorting stocks to make a profit from a small portion of your portfolio. The newsletter strategy is to make money from immediate opportunities while your long-term holdings might depreciate in value.

Consider this service if you’re comfortable investing with leverage and making short-term trades with your cash account. You will close these positions when the market conditions improve. Your regular portfolio strategy has more growth potential after the correction ends.

Moneyflow Trader can cost as much as $5,000 per year (expensive yet competitive for this service type). But, you may find a limited-time sale sometimes.

Summary of the Best Investment Newsletter

In conclusion, subscribing to one or more investment newsletters can boost your confidence. It can also help you earn more reliable investment gains. If you invest in individual stocks, premium research tools can be essential to finding high-quality stock picks consistently.

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